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Mass Produced Developers

Massachusetts game development is an ever-changing mix of independent studios, hobbyists, and established game studios. Below are just some of the active studios in the area.


Are you a Massachusetts game developer and don't see your studio on the list? Send us your information and we'll add you to the list of developers.



Erik Asmussen has been building games since 2010. His latest project, Factory Town, a blocky town builder where you automate your production lines with conveyor belts, gravity-powered chutes, and railroads to keep your village happily supplied with goods.


Dejobaan Games

Founded in 1999, Dejobaan Games' Ichiro Lambe has made games across numerous platforms, including the enormously-titled AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.


Demiurge Studios

Demiurge Studios makes mobile games featuring deep systems and memorable characters. Their hit mobile games include SEGA Heroes, Marvel Puzzle Quest, and Crazy Taxi Tycoon.


Disruptor Beam

Disruptor Beam turns the world’s greatest entertainment brands into hugely successful games loved by highly connected customers. Since 2011, they have published three critically acclaimed titles — GAME OF THRONES ASCENT, STAR TREK TIMELINES, and THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR — with more games in active development.


Fire Hose Games

We make fun, creative games for consoles, computers, and mobile devices. Our first two games are Slam Bolt Scrappers and Go Home Dinosaurs. Need help getting your game out the door? We're a full service contact studio capable of handling art, programming, design, and more.


Ghost Story Games

Founded by twelve former Irrational Games developers, our mission is simple: to create immersive, story-driven games for people who love games that ask questions.


Harmonix Music Systems

Harmonix is one of the world’s leading independent game development studios, best known for creating blockbuster franchises like Rock Band and Dance Central. We’re currently hard at work inventing the future of music gaming.


OtherSide Entertainment

We’re an independent game studio with offices in Boston & Austin, focused on providing players with innovative gameplay, immersive worlds & engaging narrative.


Petricore, Inc.

Petricore, Inc. is an interactive software development company located in Worcester, MA that specializes in full-service game development.



Ziba Scott accidentally started Popcannibal and sometimes thinks he should have added “games” at the end of the company name. Luigi Guatieri crawled out from the sea in New Zealand and now draws pretty pictures. Popcannibal’s games include Elegy for a Dead World (with Dejobaan Games), Girls Like Robots (published by Adult Swim) and Fish Listening to Radio.



Proletariat Inc. was founded in 2012 by a group of game-industry veterans from Harmonix, Turbine, and Insomniac who were hell-bent on pushing the boundaries of multiplayer games while demanding a level of quality unheard of for a small studio.


Rockstar Games New England

Rockstar New England, Inc. (formerly Mad Doc Software, LLC) is an American video game developer and a studio of Rockstar Games based in Andover, Massachusetts. Mad Doc Software teamed up with Rockstar Games to develop Bully: Scholarship Edition, a remaster of Bully, which saw widespread success. Rockstar Games' parent company, Take-Two Interactive, acquired Mad Doc Software by April 2008, which became part of Rockstar Games as Rockstar New England.


Silverware Games

At Silverware Games, we make fun games to help people find fun in life. We are building the 'Matchyverse', a series of games staring 'Matchy Star' and friends. To create this universe we successfully released 'MatchyGotchy' a tamagotchi like casual game, 'MatchyGotchy Pack' a set of original papercraft models to build, and 'Matchy's Kooky Cookies' a clicker jam game. Currently we are working on 'MatchyGotchy Z' a sequel to 'MatchyGotchy' and 'Matchy Star' a Match-Them-All twist on a Match3 game.



TestTubeGames is an independent games studio based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was founded in 2011 by me, an escaped physics grad student turned educator. My name: Andy. My mission: interactive abstract science.


The Molasses Flood

An independent game studio committed to creating games with heart. Founded in Boston in 2014, The Molasses Flood is made up of a team of former AAA developers who decided to take our own path. Our debut title is The Flame in the Flood, an acclaimed survival journey about forging a river with only your dog by your side.


WB Games Boston

Founded in 1994, WB Games Boston is focused on creating free-to-play games for mobile platforms. We utilize our extensive expertise in creating online worlds that foster powerful social gaming communities to develop our mobile titles, including Game of Thrones®: Conquest.



Zapdot develops interactive experiences for serious, entertainment, commercial, and experimental projects. Our team is filled with ambitious individuals who have shipped titles for console, mobile, web, and desktop platforms since 2009. We are an active member in the local and global community. Zapdot sponsors local meetups and developer events, and provides advice and mentorship to students and aspiring developers. We also contribute to open-source projects and share our tools to help others develop effectively and efficiently.



Zelgor is building an entire galaxy of interconnected mobile games, catering to the largest category of gamer: the Noob! Anyone who has played an online game has probably been called a noob at least once, and that’s ok. If you’re a Noob, Zelgor is building an entire Universe for you!

Not on the list? Send us your info.

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