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Boston Game Dev Meetups

Boston Game Dev Meetups collect the meetings from a number of different Boston groups in one centralized location. Join our Meetup group so you're made aware of all the local game developer events happening around the Boston area!

Boston Game Dev Meetups is comprised of six Boston game development groups:

Boston Indies is a community of dedicated independent game creators in Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. We define ourselves in connection with our community spirit and our group objectives. We gather in person once a month to talk about the art and craft of making games, and to share our work with each other.

Boston Post Mortem (BPM) is the local chapter of the International Game Developers Association. Meeting every month since the 1990s, Boston Post Mortem meetings focus on bringing speakers who may speak to one or more aspects of game development.

Game Audio Boston aims to grow an enthusiastic community of game composers, sound designers, and developers interested in learning more about interactive audio. At monthly meetups they discuss the design of sound and music for games, share technical advice and tutorials, explore new tools, and encourage industry networking.

Women in Games Boston is a group for people who make games. They host monthly meetups, including presentations, workshops, demo nights, and lightning talks.


Queer Game Dev Boston is a monthly hang out with local queer game devs, students, educators and artists in the interactive arts + game design space.


Anyone and everyone participating in any Boston GameDev related communications, meetups, events and spaces will be upheld to the Boston GameDev Code of Conduct which outlines acceptable and unacceptable behavior as well as enforcement policies for conduct violations.  Anyone is encouraged to report incidents, potential conduct violations, or express questions, concerns, and feedback about any and all of this by reaching out to, to a meetup organizer directly, or through a trusted friend or colleague.

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