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At first glance, the similarities between [Sim City and Caesar] are more striking than their differences, and the new game could easily be mistaken as a sequel for the older favorite. However, for those who enjoyed Sim City, yet wished for more buttons to push, knobs to adjust and wires to reroute, Caesar will provide all of those things and a bit more. Indeed, as one minor empire official was said to have remarked, "If you can't start an imperfet, flourishing society here, then brother, you can't start an imperfect, flourishing society.


With time and effort, however, Caesar provides that rare quality in strategy gaming - an experience whose rewards prove equal to its challenges. While the casual gamer may view the program as a meal with one too many courses, Caesar goes far beyond its Sim City origins and provides the serious player with a real lion's feast. Hail, Caesar!

- Computer Gaming World, Issue 107

Image Credit: AbandonwareDOS

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